Borderless Sports and Art Scholarship

The Borderless Sports and Art Scholarship Project is designed to reduce the cultural influences imposed on high school students who wish to participate in athletics and arts in the United States and Mexico (see discussion below). It provides academic scholarships and resources to low income/underserved individuals for their college tuition, athletic program fees/equipment and/or art project materials.

In the male dominated and conservative culture of Mexico, women are often discouraged from participating in sports or other extracurricular activities. Young men are urged to earn money to support the family income while young women are expected to help out at home. In the smaller and more isolated communities of Mexico, this tendency is even more pronounced.

In the United States, while this tendency is lessened, it still exists within many Hispanic households. As a result, although more athletic and artistic opportunities exist at US schools, Latina women are still less likely to take advantage of them. In contrast, young women of different ethnic groups are pushed towards a variety of multidisciplinary pursuits which in turn equips them with greater potential for scholarships and career opportunities.

The goal of the Borderless Sports and Art Scholarship Project is to compare the lifestyles and experiences of young women in the United States with those from Mexico. Learn more

2013 & 2015 Borderless Sports & Art Scholarships

Imagining More Foundation conducted its Borderless Sports & Art Scholarship Project in both 2013 and 2015 to promote interdisciplinary pursuits of both arts and athletics.  Each year, two students who demonstrated a spirited enthusiasm and commitment to education, athletics and the arts, received a monetary stipend to develop an art project that exemplified the essence of being a student athlete.  In addition to creating a new piece of art, the students also wrote a one page essay about their work and how it relates to their experience as a young student pursuing both arts and athletics. 

The art projects that were created were later exhibited during our 2013 & 2015 Borderless Art Exhibits which were open to the public and allowed the community to view the students’ work, speak with the creators and discover the similarities and differences that exist between the life styles and experiences of youth from the USA with those from Mexico.

During the Exhibits, Imagining More foundation awarded all four students with scholarships to be applied towards their college tuition, books and/or fees for the upcoming academic year.

2013 Borderless Sports & Art Scholarship

2013 Borderless Sports & Art Scholarship Recipients

2015 Borderless Sports & Art Scholarship

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