2013 Borderless Art Scholarship Recipients

The Borderless Art Project was created in an attempt to examine the differences in cultural climates experienced by Mexican and American female teenagers participating in arts and sports. Students from San Francisco, CA, and San Luis Potosi, Mexico, were chosen to create an art project that best exemplifies the meaning of being a female athlete. Through the project, both students will express their views about women’s roles in sports and they will share their personal experiences as athletes.

Rosa Vazquez is a 16 years old native of San Luis Potosi, a middle distance runner and a High School senior. Although Rosa doesn’t have much experience as an artist, her pictures shows the uniqueness of a Mexican woman athlete.

“My intention is to show the everyday life and social aspect of a female athlete in my city. Since I spend five to six hours everyday training with my teammates, they have become my best friends. I want to share our experiences in and outside the track. I believe that we support each other to grow as athletes and people while having fun.”

Rosa is expected to graduate from high school in the spring of 2014.

Mandy Zeng is a senior student from Mission High School and a softball player. She has been involved with athletics and arts for many years. Her project focuses on softball and consists of small size mixed media paintings.

“I automatically thought about the sport and the position I play (softball pitcher). The artwork will expose the power of a softball pitcher during mid-pitch, also known as the “K” position. This authoritative softball posture represents courage, strength, confidence, control, and a purpose.”

Mandy is a student at the University of California – Berkeley.