About Imagining More

Imagining More Foundation was established to promote education, athletics and arts. It was created from the limitations that adolescents face when pursuing extracurricular activities during their academic years. Our goal is to support low-income/underserved individuals who wish to pursue education, sports programs and/or art projects, as well as to create awareness about the importance of developing into multi-dimensional individuals.

Although athletics and arts are not a typically promoted combination, we feel that the two complement each other to form a well-rounded student athlete.

 Where does Imaging More come from?

“My idea for starting Imagining More Foundation came from my experiences training in Mexico where I witnessed young women being discouraged from participating in sports and other extracurricular activities so that they could help out at home.

I grew up in the city of San Francisco in a working class home where I thought anything was possible. I encountered strong mentors in my daily life who supported, encouraged and taught me that through hard work I could find success in whatever I pursued.

It was not until I got older that I started to realize that many low income/underserved youth lack the mentorship and encouragement necessary for them to imagine more.”

– Shannon Rowbury


The Team

Picture 7Rosa Vazquez, 2013 Borderless Art Scholarship recipientt